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ONE28 Direction & Methodology

ONE28 Direction & Methodology


At Foothill Bible Church, we consider High School students to be young adults, and Jr. High students to be in transition to adulthood.

We believe that diligent parents will begin to train and equip their child for adulthood from birth, rather than allowing them to prolong the teenage years into adulthood (Kid-dults).

ONE28 supports the parental goal of equipping their children and desires to partner in setting the expectation for adult behavior even while they are still in significant transition between early teen and young adult years.

The Foothill Bible Church Student Ministry shares the high expectations that parents have for their students and seeks to provide a healthy spiritual environment while still having a great time together. Enjoying each other and the world God gave us is part of living a redeemed life.

Because students are becoming adults, the same Scriptures apply to them. The same disciplines are required out of them as it is for all Christians.

Students are in formidable years in their knowledge, strength, will, and discipline, and as such, they are still under their parents’ authority. Therefore, the ONE28 staff act as guides and teachers (older brothers and sisters in the faith) to challenge and encourage them and show them in all areas what it means to live out their pursuit of Christ (Galatians 2:20 and 2 Corinthians 5:17, 18). ONE28 will both teach and model this (Philippians 4:9).


Our calling is to guide young souls in their relationship and walk with Jesus Christ according to the biblical model of shepherding, and to show them what it means to function within the Church.

We assign each student to a small group led by an adult volunteer ONE28 staff member. Each volunteer then gives account to the leadership for the condition of every soul in his or her care. Each ONE28 staff member has passed a background check and interview.

We are not trying to “get them through” or to entertain them, but to train them to be useful servants of Jesus Christ throughout the rest of their lives.


Because these young adults are still under the authority and responsibility of their parents, our role is to partner with and assist the parents in their primary shepherding role.

Our goal is cooperation, not competition. Though we will attempt to encourage and motivate the students toward ministry and involvement in the Church, the parent always retains the absolute right and authority to direct their child’s activity.

In order to fulfill our role of equipping and shepherding such a large and diverse group of students, we will initiate and plan a variety of venues and weekly events in which to accomplish various aspects of ministry.




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