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Equipping Hour

Equipping Hour

Equipping hour classes are no longer in session. However, the campus is still open at 9am on Sundays.
We will provide donuts and coffee in the fountain cafe and encourage you to use the time for discipleship and fellowship.


  Equipping Hour is normally at 9am each Sunday in the gym. We pause classes to pray together on the first Sunday of each month as our work is in vain without the Lord (Ps 127:1)

Prayer Logo

The first Sunday of each month we meet corporately for prayer in room O-15 to pray for our church family, community, country and the world. Everyone is welcome and children's ministry is provided.

Fundamentals of the Faith

Instructor: Taylor SinclairFundamentals of the Faith (FOF) is a one-year class designed to explain the foundational teachings of the Bible in an accessible fashion. Whether you are a new believer seeking an approachable overview of the Christian faith or a seasoned saint looking for a helpful review, FOF will encourage you as you grow in your love and devotion to Christ.

Discipling class

Instructor: The Elders - Why might it be easy to think of discipleship as a program instead of a process? Many programs have been developed to “grow” disciples. But because every person is different and has different struggles and temptations, discipleship cannot be so easily packaged. At its core, discipling is essentially whatever we do to intentionally help other Christians to grow up in holiness. It’s a process of becoming like Christ; it’s not a program. 



There will be no Jr. High Equipping Hour class at this time. Students may attend with their parents in the adult class. If you would like to view previous classes- please click the following link below:

class recordings