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Equipping Hour

Equipping Hour

Equipping Hour is back!
Join us in the Gym at 9am on Sunday, September 11th.

Kids ministry is open during Equipping Hour, so drop your kids off to learn God's word with our awesome team and join us in prayer and classes each Sunday.

Equipping Hour is in the Gym from 9-10am on Sundays.
Join us on the first Sunday each month for corporate prayer focused on people, ministries, and events.
The rest of the month we have a selection of classes to help you grow in your walk with the Lord and relationship with one another.

Join us on the first Sunday of each month in room O-15 as we pray for our church family, community, country and the world


Instructor: Taylor Sinclair"One of the desires the Holy Spirit implants in our hearts when we become believers in Christ is to share the Good News by which we have been saved. Yet that desire can often be eclipsed by a sense of unpreparedness to take the gospel to the world. Evangelism is a nine-week training course that equips believers with a clear, understandable, and faithful gospel message. Learn the vital components of the gospel, how to proclaim the gospel faithfully, and how to answer common objections raised during evangelistic encounters."

 The Gospel Promised

Instructor: Selected Teachers (Josh Powell, Steve Shwetz, Bernie Cestone, Andy Astadurian, Jason Welday, Mike Nauertz, Niko Plakakis, Jason Pince) - Join us as we explore the terrain of the Old Testament to see the grand sweep of God’s promises made and providentially moved forward toward the New Testament. We will cover the 39 books of the Old Testament and see that God has been, and still is, faithful to his promises; even those made at the dawn of time. We hope to see you there. 

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ONE28 Equipping Groups

Male students (7-12 grade) will study R. Kent Hughes's book, "Disciplines of a Godly Young Man." Female students (7-12 grade) will study the book of Acts, seeking to apply the truths of God's word in daily living. Students are also welcome to attend adult equipping hour classes.



If you would like to view previous classes, click the link below:

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