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Equipping Hour

Equipping Hour

Equipping Hour is back!
Join us in the Gym at 9am on Sundays.

Kids ministry is open during Equipping Hour, so drop your kids off to learn God's word with our awesome team and join us in prayer and classes each Sunday.

Equipping Hour is in the Gym from 9-10am on Sundays.
Join us on the first Sunday each month for corporate prayer focused on people, ministries, and events.
The rest of the month we have a selection of classes to help you grow in your walk with the Lord and relationship with one another.

Join us on the first Sunday of each month in room O-15 as we pray for our church family, community, country and the world

18 words

Instructor: Taylor Sinclair -There is no shortage of words in the English vocabulary. But some words are more important to understand than others. Join us for an eight-week class as we explore eighteen of the most important terms and concepts in the Bible which will deepen your faith and change your lives.

 Parenting 23

Instructor: Art Nakamura  - The focus on the upcoming parenting class is learning to become a disciple-making parent.  Since the role of parenting covers a wide range of age groups (infants, toddlers, pre-school, elementary, jr.high, high school, post high school and early adulthood), the class will be designed to learn the means of grace God has made available through His Word, His Spirit and His church. The teaching style will be didactic and interactive.  Topics include the following: early childhood training, father's and mother's role in reaching the heart, truthfulness vs lying, creating family traditions of joy & worship, industry vs. entertainment, self-control vs. self-gratification, cultivating thankfulness vs. grumbling, good friendship vs. bad company, sober-minded vs. self-righteousness, cultivating family identity, and many other topics related to current parenting needs.   Look forward to learning together and investing into the next generation.

 Explaining Christianity

Instructor: Selected Teachers-Discover what Christianity is by learning who Christ is. Gain confidence in discussing your faith with other Christians and also unbelievers. Explore listening to God via his written word and speaking to God in prayer. The class is beneficial for newer believers hungry to grow as well as more mature believers seeking a refresher. 


If you would like to view previous classes, click the link below:

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