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Small Groups

Small Groups

Due to the current "safer at home" directive, most of our small groups are meeting via video conferencing. If you would like to join a small group online, please contact the church office.

Small groups are an integral part of Foothill Bible Church's disciple making strategy. Jesus focused His life, time, and teaching on a select few, the twelve disciples, who were to carry on the mission of making disciples after His departure.

In the same way, our small groups focus on cultivating disciples who will continue to minister the gospel faithfully for generations to come. Additionally, the group members live out their faith in the gospel by showing care for one another and helping one another to grow in Christlikeness.

We encourage you to find out how you might be a part of this important ministry in the context where God has placed you. Click below to find out more about each individual group, group leaders, meeting times and locations!

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