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Foothill Kids October 2023




October 1

God’s Sovereignty in the Book of Ruth

Ruth 1:1-4:22

  • Ruth and Naomi trusted God for His provision
  • God provided for Ruth and Naomi by giving them Boaz to continue the family line
  • Ruth was part of the family through which David and Jesus one day would come


October 8 

God Gives Israel a Prophet and a Judge

1 Samuel 1:1–7:17

  • God blessed Hannah with a son.
  • God blessed Israel with a prophet and judge
  • Samuel lived during the time of the judges


October 15

Israel Rejects God as King

1 Samuel 8:1–12:25

  • Israel did not want God to rule over them, so they asked for a human king
  • Because God is perfect, He is the only king Israel needed
  • God allowed Saul to be the king of Israel
  • God would bless Israel and King Saul if they obeyed


October 22

Saul Disobeys God

1 Samuel 13:1–14; 15:1–34

  • Saul was not obedient to God’s instructions
  • God did not allow Saul to remain as king
  • God expects obedience from His servants


October 29

God Sees David’s Heart

1 Samuel 16:1-23

  • God chose David to be the next king of Israel
  • Man looks at the outside, but God looks at the heart
  • Praise God that He knows your heart