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Foothill Kids September 2023

Kids Min Sept 2023


September 3


James 3:1-17

  • The Fruit of the Spirit-Self-control
  • Taming the Tongue 
  • C. S. Lewis wrote children’s books to help them learn about loving and obeying God
  • You can show self-control by being careful about what you say 

September 10

Israel Disobeys God

Judges 1:1-3:30

  • Israel disobeyed God after Joshua died
  • The angel of the Lord warned Israel that if they disobeyed, they would have to leave the land
  • It was dangerous for the Canaanites to live in the land because of their unholy influence on Israel

September 17

God Uses Gideon to Deliver Israel

Judges 6:1-8:35

  • The Israelites were disobedient to God, so God allowed suffering under the Midianites
  • God used an undeserving man named Gideon to defeat the Midianites
  • God chose only 300 men to defeat Midian to demonstrate His power

September 24

God Uses Samson to Deliver Israel

Judges 13:1-16:31

  • God specially prepared Samson to deliver Israel
  • Although the Philistines defeated Samson, God was exalted
  • Samson’s behavior was not always right, but God sovereignly accomplished His will through Samson’s life