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Foothill Kids November 2022


 Bible Lesson Overview


November 6, 2022

God Punishes Israel's Idolatry

Exodus 32:1-34

  • Aaron made a golden calf for Israel to worship
  • God wanted to destroy the people then Moses prayed that God would have mercy
  • God had mercy on Israel and did not destroy the whole nation 

November 13, 2022

God's Presence Fills the Tabernacle 

Exodus 33:1-17, 34:6-12, 40:1-35

  • God showed Moses that He was merciful, yet just
  • God came to stay in the tabernacle in the form of a bright cloud
  • All Israel worshiped God for sending His presence

November 20, 2022

God Ordains the Sacrificial System 

Leviticus 1:1-4:31

  • God’s holiness requires sacrifice for sin
  • Israelites offered goats, bulls, and grains as offerings and were considered worship to God
  • The worshiper was forgiven through faith in God’s promise of forgiveness
  • Christ was the perfect sacrifice for sin

November 27, 2022

God Establishes the Priesthood 

Leviticus 9:22–10:7 

  • Sinful people cannot go directly to God
  • God made priests, who would make offerings to God for the people
  • The priests had to obey God’s laws, but Nadab and Abihu did not obey God and were killed
  • Jesus was the sinless priest who can help sinners come to God