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Foothill Kids February 2022

 February 2022




February 6

God Preserves Noah

Genesis 8:1–9:17 

  • God remembered Noah and caused the floodwaters to recede
  • God promised not to judge the world with a flood again
  • God is faithful to keep His promises 

February 13

God Judges the Nations at Babel

Genesis 11:1–9 

  • All men spoke a common language
  • God had commanded men to fill the earth but men disobediently settled in the plain of Shinar 
  • God confused their language to limit their sin

February 20

God Makes a Promise to Abram

Genesis 11:27–12:9 

  • Abram worshiped idols before God called him
  • God promised Abram many descendants, a great land, and a great nation
  • God said that a blessing would come from Abram; that blessing would be Jesus Christ

February  27

Abraham and Sarah Doubt God

Genesis 15:1-21; Genesis 16:1-6; Genesis 17:15-21; Genesis 18:1-15 

  • God promised Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son
  • Abraham and Sarah thought they were too old to have a baby
  • God fulfilled His promise through Sarah, not Hagar