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Children's Ministry January 2018 Newsletter


 January 2018
Ministry Focus

Shelly Costello - Song and Story Leader in 4’s and 5’s Class

 Costello Full Size

After a few years of teaching in the public schools, I became a stay at home mom at the birth of my first child. I am now homeschooling my youngest child and we’re loving it! I also volunteer as an advocate for a foster youth. I’ve always loved ministering to and working with kids. We’ve been at FBC for four years and we attend the Bohler small group. I grew up going to church and after a period of rebellion finally accepted Christ as Lord of my life at age 17. I am very thankful for His work in bringing me to a true understanding of my need for a Savior. 

My family and I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and going to the beach. I love to read and scrapbook when I have free time. Chad and I just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. We have three children, Ben (17), Joel (15), and Emily (11). The boys attend Upland High School and they all keep me busy!

I actually met my husband when we were both serving in children’s ministry during our college years. His servant’s heart and love for kids were evident.  We then served the 4th through 6th graders together at our previous church for several years. So I’ve been in children’s ministry a long time! I’ve also been in women’s ministry on and off through the years. 

My favorite thing about serving the children is making the truth of a lesson understandable for the kids and seeing them learn more about the God who loves them. I once heard J. Vernon McGee say we need to keep the “candy on the bottom shelf” where it can be reached. This is always in my mind as I teach my lesson. Also, the kids at FBC amaze me with the truth that they already know! I sometimes get to serve alongside my own kids, that’s pretty awesome.  I was amazed when I came to FBC and saw how many people eagerly serve in children’s ministry; it’s so encouraging! 

 Bible Lessons

January 7

God Creates the Heavens and the Earth

Genesis 1:1–2:3

  • God is Creator, powerful, and good
  • Everything He made was good
  • God made us to worship Him
  • You can thank God for making the heavens and the earth and for making you

January 14

God Creates Man and Woman

Genesis 1:26–29; 2:7, 18–24

  • God made Adam and Eve
  • God made one man and one woman to be married as long as they live
  • God gave Adam and Eve jobs to do—serving Him, ruling the earth, and having a family
  • You can obey, worship, and serve the God who made you

January 21

Man Rebels against God

Genesis 2:15–17; 3:1–24

  • God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and promised a penalty if they disobeyed
  • Adam and Eve chose to sin against God by disobeying
  • God promised to send someone to destroy Satan someday; that someone would be Jesus
  • The only way to escape sin is by trusting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

 January 28

Cain Rebels against God

Genesis 4:1–15

  • Abel offered a sacrifice from a heart pleasing to God and Cain offered a sacrifice from a sinful heart; God was pleased with Abel but not with Cain
  • Cain rebelled against God by killing his brother
  • Remember that God will punish sinners
  • Repent from your sin, serve the Lord with gladness, and obey God’s Word


 Kids for Christ

Children in 1st through 6th grade are dismissed prior to the sermon and will line up outside the worship center then walk to the Chapel. Mrs. Sutton will teach the children the weekly Bible lessons listed above.*

Parents are to pick up their child in the Chapel after service ends.

*The children will remain in service on January 7th for Stones of Remembrance.