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Children's Ministry January 2020

Ministry Spotlight
Donald Carlson


At Foothill, we aim to meet every child with sensitivity and wisdom appropriate to their age and abilities. Finding the right people to serve alongside our special needs children is crucial to fulfilling our ministry goals. One of several people who have served with this ministry is Donald Carlson, where he has been a one-on-one helper since 2015. There is a joy that he has experienced with one of our special needs children who has grown and learned to sit and listen to the songs and story in our 4 and 5 year old class and now participates in some of the questions in our Kids for Christ program. Donald says it has been so encouraging to work with the other volunteers who desire to see one young boy mature and know Christ as Savior.

Having grown up in a Christian home and attending church in La Crescenta, Donald shares, "One of my earliest memories is hearing the gospel around first grade. I remember it moving me greatly and knowing that I needed Christ to save me from the punishment I deserve. Over the years my faith and trust in Christ has grown. I was baptized at the age of 13, professing Jesus as my Lord and Savior. In my post college years I was convicted by John 14:15 about what it means that Christ is my Lord and how I spent my free time.” He adds, “I am grateful for my father who instructed me in the value of God's word and his demonstration of the Christian life.”

While Donald was a student at Cal Poly Pomona, he immediately got involved with the campus Christian ministry Cru where he learned to share the gospel with anyone he met. Through the leadership of Jim Kercheval and a few close friends, he was greatly encouraged in his walk with Christ. Graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in Electrical Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering in 2006, he obtained a job with a local engineering company.

Donald is no stranger to serving in the church making use of his giftedness with the sound and tech ministries here at FBC as well as in the church where he grew up. As a youth, he regularly served as a helper in Children’s Ministry. Another ministry he has enjoyed being involved with throughout elementary and high school has been choir, and he immediately joined the FBC Choir when he began attending Foothill in 2008. He attended the College and Career group (CnC) and then started the Young Professionals group, lovingly referred to as the fellowship of the ringless. During these years of singleness, Donald took advantage of our Foothill Institute of Theological Training (FITT) classes offered during the week, the preaching lab, and participated in neighborhood ambassadors where he shared the gospel with many door-to-door.

Married for four and a half years, Donald and Jennifer Carlson are the parents of Adelene, “We are now learning how to lovingly parent a 2 year old who has figured out that she has her own will.” They both  currently serve in Awana on Sunday evenings. You can also find them in the Pince small group. “My hobbies have ranged from playing chess, soccer, hiking, reading books, biking, to woodworking and house projects (a.k.a. collecting tools). My wife and I enjoy playing strategic board games whenever we get a chance.” They have been in the Pince small group since they were married.


Bible Lessons

 freestocks-org-Gnxquq4oYQc-unsplash 1Kings2:1-4

January 5

The Wise Men Worship Jesus

Matthew 2:1-18

  • Wise men worshiped Jesus and gave Him gifts
  • Herod did not want there to be another king and tried to have Jesus killed but God protected Jesus
  • Worship Jesus by being humble and giving to others

January 12

God’s Gracious Promise to David

2 Samuel 7:1-17

  • David wanted to build a great house for God
  • Jesus is part of David’s family and will reign forever as God promised
  • Thank God for His grace to undeserving people

January 19

God Forgives David

2 Samuel 11:1-12:25

  • David did not obey God’s Word
  • God used Nathan to confront David about his sin
  • Thank God that you can be forgiven sin

January 26

God Gives Solomon Wisdom

1 Kings 2:1-4; 3:1-15

  • Solomon needed help, so he asked God for wisdom
  • God gave Solomon wisdom to lead the people
  • Ask God for wisdom to obey Him


There will not be Kids for Christ on January 5th since we will have Stones of Remembrance in lieu of the sermon.

Children age 6 through 6th grade will be dismissed prior to the sermon on Sunday mornings and line up outside the Worship Center where the teacher will then walk them to the Chapel. Each week the Bible lessons listed above will be taught. Our teachers this month are Mrs. Kathy Johnson and Mrs. Sheila Sutton.

Parents are to pick up their children from the Chapel directly after the service ends.