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Children's Ministry September 2019

Bible Lessons

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September 1

How We Got The Bible: The Bible Changes My Life

Philemon 1:1-25

  • Like Onesimus, when we hear and obey the Bible, God transforms us.
  • Forgiveness is a powerful force to change people.
  • God’s Word is transforming us into beautiful people.

September 8

Holy Living in the Promised Land                     

Joshua 23:1-24:33

  • By God’s strength, Israel conquered the land. 

  • Israel was warned not to follow other gods. 

  • Joshua told the people to be strong and serve the Lord. 

  • Choose to trust in God and serve Him with all your heart.  

September 15

Israel Disobeys God

Judges 1:1-3:30

  • Israel disobeyed God after Joshua died. 

  • The angel of the Lord warned Israel that if they disobeyed, they would have to leave the land. 

  • It was dangerous for the Canaanites to live in the land because of their unholy influence on Israel. 

  • Pray that God will help you serve Him. 

September 22

God Uses Gideon to Deliver Israel

Judges 6:1-8:35

  • The Israelites were disobedient to God, so God allowed suffering under the Midianites. 

  • God used an undeserving man named Gideon to defeat the Midianites. 

  • God chose only 300 men to defeat Midian to demonstrate His power. 

  • Look for ways to serve God. 

September 29

God Uses Samson to Deliver Israel

Judges 13:1-16:31

  • God specially prepared Samson to deliver Israel. 

  • Although the Philistines defeated Samson, God was exalted. 

  • Samson’s behavior was not always right, but God sovereignly accomplished His will through Samson’s life. 

  • Think of ways that you can serve God. 


Kids for Christ will resume on September 1st during the worship service. Children age 6 through 6th grade will be dismissed prior to the sermon on Sunday mornings and line up outside the Worship Center where the teacher will then walk them to the Chapel. Each week the Bible lessons listed above will be covered. Our teachers this month are Mrs. Sheila Sutton and Mrs. Kathy Johnson.