What To Expect

When you visit Foothill Bible Church, you should expect:

  • to hear the good news that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God who died on the cross, in your place, to save you from the consequences of your sin, and that by belief in His name you may be reconciled to God and have life everlasting
  • to be warmly welcomed and loved no matter who you are, where you are from, or what you are wearing
  • to hear about how you can plug into the life at FBC, including The Training Hour, small groups, discipleship opportunities, and special events

First Time at FBC

When you arrive, we would love for you to take advantage of the special parking designated for guests right in front of our worship center. (Directions)

When you come in the front door, expect to be welcomed with a smile. A member of our greeter team will help you get acclimated with the church (and help you grab a free cup of coffee). If you have children, they will show you to our nursery and children's ministry areas.

If you would like to attend The Training Hour at 9am, the greeters will tell you about available options and show you to your room. Otherwise, you can plan on arriving at 10:30am for our worship service.

Worship at FBC

Foothill Bible Church makes no apologies for our worship services being for Jesus and about Jesus. Though musical styles may vary slightly between our different music teams, the goal is the same: to worship Jesus and make much of Him, not ourselves.

Worshipcenter B&W.

The preaching ministry of our teaching pastor, David Forsyth, is simple: we walk word by word and line by line through the Bible, understanding it as God's final revelation to us and the authoritative source of teaching for every inch of our lives. We believe nothing is more relevant than the Word of God. If you would like hear some samples of Pastor David's preaching, check it out here.

During the worship service, you will be encouraged to fill out a Connection Card (located either in the pew rack in the Worship Center or at the Connection Corner on the patio) with us if you have not already. Why? We want to get to know you, to hear your concerns and prayer requests so that we can minister to you effectively. We will never give away or sell your private information, and we have no interest in pestering you.

After your first visit

After you have visited FBC for the first time, you should expect to get a letter or email from us within a few days. We genuinely care about your experience at FBC, and want to know how we can serve you better. We also want to invite you to our Newcomers lunch that we host on the second Sunday of every month. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with these contacts, please let us know.

We really want your experience at Foothill to be a positive one, not because we want you to think much of us, but because we want you to think much of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is making Him known. If we can serve you in any way, please contact us.