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Looking For Deliverance

March 28, 2010 Speaker: David Forsyth

Scripture: Isaiah 40:3–40:4

Through Isaiah's prophecy in the Bible, God is assuring His people that their suffering (which results from their sin), will be resolved through the person of the Deliverer (Isaiah 53). His deliverance will be both individual and national as His people turn from their sin and look to Him in faith.

Clearly, Isaiah chapter forty has a national and Jewish orientation. But its glorious truths are also applicable to Gentiles (a Gentile is anyone who is not Jewish.)

His proclamation is redemption.
It is finished! The time of your alienation from God has come to an end. Jesus' death on that cross will pay for your sin if you will turn to Him in faith. Romans 10:9-13.

For those of us who have called upon Christ to save us, we must not forget His cross (Colossians. 2:13-14).

Our preparation is repentance. The journey to deliverance begins with a change of direction (Isaiah 1:16-18).

His promise is reliable. God demands nothing less than that we rely completely upon Christ and Christ alone for our salvation (Romans 8:28-29).