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Foothill Bible Church & COVID-19

Updated Friday, July 3, 2020


Current Sunday Service Guidelines

While we will take the precautions listed below, we know that there is no such thing as a risk-free environment. As those who trust in a sovereign God who has conquered death through His Son, we have the greatest reason to not be afraid. When we gather to worship, may our hearts be filled with joy, faith, and peace, not fear! 

Singing and Face Coverings

The elders desire to comply with the spirit and intent of our government’s guidance on faith gatherings in a way that does not diminish our ability to worship our God. 

In California’s latest guidance on faith gatherings released on July 1st, the state prohibited singing during worship services. The rationale given was that singing negates the risk reduction of social distancing.

The guidance did not say that singing negates the risk reduction of wearing a face covering. 

We believe that we can continue to sing provided that we wear face coverings. 

Therefore, beginning this Sunday, we will be more strictly enforcing our policy on face coverings.

Beloved, we ask that you comply with this policy. The elders will be following up with those who refuse to wear them.

The West Chapel will continue to be open to those with medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask. We will be increasing the spacing between families in the West Chapel. 

Here is our policy on face coverings. 

We require that everyone 5 years old and up wear a face covering while singing, entering or exiting a building, or within 6 feet of attendees from different households, whether you are inside or outside, and before and after service.

Face coverings are optional for children ages 2-4. We know that getting children to wear a face covering can be very challenging. Please do not let that prevent you from coming. We want to show grace here.

Babies and children under age 2 should not wear face coverings, in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

Please plan on bringing your own face covering as we have a limited supply available for those who do not have one. 

Building Capacity

The greeters have notified the elders that some people have still been disregarding their instructions and entering the Worship Center when it has been closed. 

Beloved, we strongly ask that you follow our greeter’s instructions. The elders will be following up with those who disregard our greeters. 

One Service, Multiple Rooms

Because of seating limitations, we will live stream our service from the Worship Center to the following rooms: Chapel, Fountain Cafe and the Gym Floor There will be at least six feet between individuals and households.

We will also live stream the service online for those who stay home.

Service will begin at 10:30am. We ask that you come early so that you have enough time to be seated.  

No RSVP’s and Room Assignments

We will neither take RSVP’s nor assign people to rooms this Sunday. There will still be adequate spacing between seats and seating will be on a first come, first serve basis. 

Please make sure to come early to find a seat.

You can sit in the Worship Center, Fountain Cafe, or Gym.

The Chapel will be open for those who have medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask.

We know that the gym is a good location for many families with young children. The Banquet Room will thus be available as a cry room and nursing room, and will have a live stream of the service.

Staying Home

If you, or someone in your household, has been sick within the last 72 hours, we ask that your household stay home. If you have been with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, we ask that your household not come to service for 14 days after your last contact with that person.

If you test positive for COVID-19 and have attended service within 14 days of your positive diagnosis, please immediately notify Luke Rhee at or 909-367-2863.

Higher Risk Individuals

If you are in a higher risk group for COVID-19, or are caring for someone who is at higher risk, we ask that you carefully consider the wisdom of coming to service. Click here to see who is at higher risk. 

If you choose to come, we will gladly welcome you. 

Campus Open at 9am on Sundays

If you would like to come and fellowship with one another on Sunday mornings, the campus will be open at 9am beginning this Sunday, June 21. Due to current situation we will not be providing coffee and donuts. If you would like to do a group study during this time, please contact the church office to reserve a room. Please remember to practice all guidelines for Sunday morning service during fellowship times.

No Children’s Ministries

To minimize close contact between children, we will not have Children’s Ministries on Sundays. This is not a long term solution. We would like to resume Children’s Ministries as soon as possible.

Our Worship Services will be family services, where children will sit with their parents. 

If your child is having trouble sitting through the service, the patio areas are available to continue to listen to the service while watching your little one.

The Fireside Room, the Nursing Room in the women’s restroom in the Worship Center and the Banquet room in the gym are available for nursing mothers. 


The campus will be disinfected weekly prior to each Sunday service. 

There will also be hand sanitizer stations throughout the campus.  

Fellowship on Sundays

After service, we will immediately dismiss people by rows from each building. We ask that you fellowship outdoors.


When we do take communion, we will have pre-packaged, sealed bread, and juice for you to pick up. You may also bring your own bread and juice. We will not pass communion plates.


The best way for you to give is online. There will be offering boxes in each building where you can drop off your offering. We will not pass offering baskets.

Physical Distance and Contact 

We encourage everyone to keep at least 6 feet of distance from members of other households and to find other ways to greet that don’t include handshakes or hugs. 


Since we are streaming the service in multiple rooms, we are not making the FBC-Public network available on Sundays.

Office Hours

The church office will be closed until further notice.

  1. Office staff are either working from home or limited scheduled hours in the office.
  2. You can still contact the staff via email or phone.
  3. If you would still like to drop off your offering check, drop it in the after hours box outside the church office.


  1. If you need help picking up medicine, food, or other necessities that DOES NOT include financial assistance, please contact Carolyn Chambliss at, or at (909) 981-2835. We will be in contact with you to get you what you need.
  2. If you would like to help in the delivery of medicine, food, or daily necessities to those in need, please fill out this form.

Click here to find out how you can buy food through a family here at the church.


For information onf giving please visit our give page HERE