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Children's Ministry September 2018 Newsletter

Ministry Spotlight: Fonda Wilson

Wilson Fonda JamesAfter 20 years of working in public and private schools, teaching and coaching, I have become a full-time caregiver for my beautiful mom Ruth Ann DeCree. I find it funny that I always wanted to be a stay at home mom while raising our five children, but it did not work out that way and now I get to be home. Being able to stay home and provide for her brings me so much joy. She was diagnosed 3 years ago with stage 5 Alzheimers and needs an overseer in these stages which, in God’s perfect timing, allowed for me to be that overseer for her. 

Decree Ruth AnnMy mother found this church for us after we moved to Fontana 18 years ago and our family has been attending FBC for 17 years now. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and attended Grace Community Church most of my life. I was baptized there at the age of 13 and James and I had the honor of being married there by Pastor/Teacher John MacArthur in 1989.

James and I are so excited to have celebrated 29 years of marriage this past August 26th. We have five adult children, with some who live across the country and some who are not out of the house yet. Our youngest son, James, is about to start his last year of college. My oldest two, Jessica and Jenna, are neighbors in Tennessee. Jenna was just married in June to our new son-in-law Randall Freeman. Jade and Jaelyn are working adults and stay at home helping with their Nana, Ruth Ann DeCree. Our family enjoys sports, traveling and just spending time together.

Why Children’s Ministry? I love children, being around kids, even adolescents. I feel God has called me to serve and teach children. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education many years ago and have  taught almost everything from Kindergarten to 5th  and 6th  grade before going on to substitute in junior high and high school in both public and private settings. My last job before becoming my mom’s caregiver was that of a Teacher’s Aide and Girls Basketball Coach. I have served in AWANA at Grace when my children were much younger. I can remember starting as Jessica’s (our oldest) Cubbies leader there and have been involved with AWANA with all my children. When I started at FBC I knew I wanted to also serve here in AWANA on Sunday nights and have been for 11 years and have loved every moment.

My favorite part about serving in the Children’s Ministries on Sunday mornings is bringing the Bible to life for them. I look forward to making projects with them so that these Bible truths will be forever in their hearts. It is a gift from God to serve. Serving isn’t about us receiving attention or glory; it is for Him to receive glory. And what a blessing it has been to work alongside so many dedicated adults who volunteer their time in this ministry. I believe people who serve, serve on behalf of God while He gives us the ability and strength to do so. Peter makes it clear in 1 Peter 4:10-11 that we have received these gifts from God for two purposes- to serve others and bring praise to God. I thank God for this opportunity to serve His people.


Soli Deo Gloria!



Fonda currently serves as one of the Kids for Christ teachers during the worship service, as an assistant with our special needs children on Sunday mornings, and is the AWANA TnT 5th & 6th Girls leader.



September 9

God Prepares to Deliver Israel

Exodus 1:1-2:25

  • God made Jacob’s family a great people
  • Pharaoh made the Israelites slaves and killed the baby boys
  • God protected Moses and prepared him to be Israel’s leader
  • God heard Israel’s groaning and was ready to help them
  • Israel finally saw that they needed God’s help
  • You can trust God during times of trouble and cry out to God for help


September 16

God Raises Moses to Lead Israel

Exodus 3:1-4:31

  • God is holy and eternal
  • God revealed Himself to Moses in a miraculous way
  • God called Moses to lead Israel
  • God told Moses His plan to deliver Israel
  • Fear and obey God because He is holy
  • Praise and obey God because He is eternal
  • You can trust God because His plan cannot be stopped


September 23

God Sends Plagues on Egypt

Exodus 7:1-11:10

  • Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh to let the Israelites go
  • God used different plagues to punish Egypt
  • Pharaoh repeatedly disobeyed God
  • God used the plagues to show His power
  • Do not harden your heart but submit to God’s great power
  • Trust God’s awesome plans
  • You can tell others about God’s greatness

September 30

God Ordains the Passover

Exodus 12:1-13:22

  • God warned Pharaoh many times
  • God judged Egypt by killing all the firstborn sons
  • The Israelites were sent out of Egypt with great riches
  • God started a special day called Passover
  • At Passover, the Jews remember God’s deliverance from Egypt
  • Jesus is the Passover lamb of Christians
  • Praise God for His awesome power and tender mercy
  • Trust Christ as the final Passover lamb
  • You can tell others about Christ’s death for sin