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Foothill Kids January 2022

January 2022 Kids Ministry 




January 2, 2022

God Creates the Heavens and the Earth

Genesis 1:1–2:3 

  • God is creator, He is powerful, and He is good
  • Everything He made was good
  • God made us to worship Him 


January 9, 2022

God Creates Man and Woman

Genesis 1:26–29; 2:7, 18–24 

  • God made Adam and Eve, the first man and woman
  • God made one man and one woman to be married as long as they live
  • God gave Adam and Eve jobs to do—serving Him, ruling the earth, and having a family 


January 16, 2022

Man Rebels Against God

Genesis 2:15–17; 3:1–24 

  • God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and He promised a penalty if they disobeyed 
  • Adam and Eve chose to sin against God 
  • God promised to one day send someone to destroy Satan. That person would be Jesus
  • Know that the only way to escape sin is by trusting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord 


January 23, 2022

Cain Rebels Against God

Genesis 4:1–15 

  • Abel offered a sacrifice from a heart pleasing to God
  • Cain offered a sacrifice from a sinful heart 
  • God was pleased with Abel but not with Cain
  • Cain rebelled against God by killing his brother


January 30, 2022

God Floods the Earth

Genesis 6:5–7:24 

  • Mankind was very sinful before the flood
  • God judged man with a worldwide flood
  • God graciously saved Noah and his family