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Foothill Kids December 2021

Foothill Kids Decembe 2021

December 5, 2021

God Creates a New Heaven and a New Earth 

Revelation 21:1–8, 22–27; 22:12–17 

  • God will make a new heaven and earth
  • Believers will live in the New Jerusalem where there will be no sin
  • Live godly lives as you eagerly wait for Christ’s return
  • Share with others the Gospel while there is still time to repent


December 12, 2021

The King Is Born 

Matthew 1:1–25 

  • Jesus is both God and man
  • Joseph showed faith when he obeyed God’s commands
  • Jesus came to save people from their sins


December 19, 2021

The King Is Adored 

Matthew 2:1–12 

  • God fulfilled His promise that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem
  • The wise men came from the East to worship Jesus and followed a star to find where Jesus lived
  • The wise men brought Jesus gifts


December 26, 2021

The King Is Preserved 

Matthew 2:13–23 

  • God revealed His sovereignty, protection, and providence in directing
    and preserving the Son of God and fulfilling Scripture
  • God protected Jesus from Herod when he tried to kill Jesus
  • Jesus was raised in Nazareth