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Foothill Kids September 2021

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Bible Lessons for September

September 5

Philip Shares the Gospel with the Ethiopian

Acts 8:26–40

  • Philip shared the gospel
  • The Ethiopian went away rejoicing because he was saved
  • Share the gospel like Philip (2 Timothy 4:5)

September 12

Saul Is Converted on the Road to Damascus

Acts 9:1–31

  • Saul persecuted the church
  • Saul was saved on the road to Damascus when he believed in Jesus
  • Rejoice that God loves His enemies enough to make them His children

September 19

The Gentiles Receive the Gospel

Acts 10:1–11:18

  • God showed Peter that Gentiles are welcome to be saved
  • The Jewish believers praised God for allowing Gentiles to be saved
  • Do not be prideful that you belong to a certain group


September 26

God Frees Peter from Prison

Acts 12:1–24

  • Herod was persecuting the Apostles
  • The believers were praying for Peter and God freed Peter from prison
  • Believe that God works through prayer

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