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Children's Ministry January 2019

Bible Lessons

Children's Ministry will resume Training Hour classes on January 6th.


January 6

God Ordains the Day of Atonement

Leviticus 11:1-16:34

  • God is holy and without sin
  • Man is sinful and deserves to be punished for sin
  • Jesus was the perfect sacrifice for sin
  • Trust Jesus that His forgiveness is forever

January 13

God Requires Holy Living

Leviticus 19:1-37  

  • God commanded the Israelites to live holy because He was holy
  • Holy living meant obeying God’s laws with a willing heart
  • Christians are commanded to live holy lives 

January 20

Israel Rejects God’s Provision

Numbers 11:1–12:16

  • The Israelites complained about God’s provision
  • God punished some of the people by consuming them 
with fire

  • Moses interceded for the people, and God had mercy on their lives

  • Be an example to people around you by your thankful and obedient heart 

January 27

Israel Rejects God’s Plan

Numbers 13:1–14:45

  • God made a promised to bless Abraham and his descendants called the Abrahamic Covenant 

  • The people did not trust God to bring them safely into the land that He promised 

  • Trust God that His plans are always the best 


Children's Church


Children in 1st grade through 6th grade will be dismissed prior to the sermon on Sunday mornings and line up outside the Worship Center where the teacher will then walk them to the Chapel. Each week the Bible lessons listed above will be covered. Our January teacher is Mrs. Sutton.

The children in 1st through 6th grade will remain with their parents on January 6th for our Stones of Remembrance service.

Children’s Library

Come visit our Children's Library and see what has been added to our collection!

New Books


A new series of hardback, illustrated children’s books for three-to eight-year-olds—each centered on an animal family—bring gospel help and biblical counsel to families. The animal characters, colorful illustrations, and the real-life issues each animal family face will captivate children. These three books address anxiety, anger, and failure, bringing biblical help and hope to issues every child faces. The last page of each book contains information for parents on how God, in his Word, helps children apply biblical truth to specific issues. Together children and parents will be guided by the stories into meaningful conversations about living by faith in the details of everyday life.

- Each story, based on a different animal family, will keep even the youngest child engaged.
- Brightly colored, fun illustrations welcome children into a detailed animal world.
- Each story helps children process a challenging situation with concrete, grace-based, help.
- Instead of moralism, children are offered a practical way to follow Jesus through a difficult situation.
- Based on Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation’s model of hope and help that encourages a growing relationship with Jesus.

by David Powlison

This beautifully illustrated book invites children to remember that the Lord is near when they are anxious. Zoe, a fearful mouse, is worried about a class trip. As she talks with her parents, Zoe realizes that she can turn to God for help. Papa Mouse gives her a verse from the "Great Book" that she can read when she is afraid. She learns that she can tell God all about her fears, and he will comfort her.

by Edward T. Welch

Buster was sure he was the fastest bunny in the meadow. But during a race at summer camp, nothing goes as planned and Buster gets tripped up. After his epic fall, his older sister, Ivy, helps him see that failure is an opportunity to grow. As Buster remembers God’s love, he is able to let go of others’ opinions and accept that it is okay to try your best but not always be the best. Edited by Edward T. Welch, Buster’s Ears Trip Him Up ends with a special section that guides parents in teaching children how the gospel of Jesus Christ comforts and sustains us through failure and turns our focus away from ourselves and toward others.

by David Powlison

Everyone gets frustrated when something important to them goes wrong. In Jax’s Tail Twitches, the whole Squirrel family ends up out of sorts when acorn gathering doesn’t go according to plan. Although Papa, Mama, Jax, and Caspian Squirrel all get angry, they also learn about the power of saying sorry, seeking forgiveness, remembering God’s words, and praying together. Jax’s Tail Twitches ends with a special section that guides parents in teaching children how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes how we respond when life goes wrong.