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Children's Ministry April 2021

 He is Risen He is Risen Indeed

Bible Lessons 

April 4

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Matthew 28:1-20

  • The angel showed the women that Jesus was alive
  • Jesus rose from the dead as He promised
  • Obey Jesus as Savior and Lord
  • Tell people who don’t know Jesus about His death and resurrection

April 11

Jesus Returns to Heaven

Acts 1:1–11

  • Jesus told the apostles to share the gospel.
  • Jesus told the apostles to wait for the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem.
  • Jesus returned to heaven in a cloud.
  • Thank God that Jesus will come again. 

April 18

The Holy Spirit Arrives

Acts 2:1–47

  • The Holy Spirit came on the day called Pentecost.
  • Peter gave the gospel and many people were saved.
  • Obey God’s Word.
  • Tell others about what happened to Jesus.

April 25

Peter and John Preach the Gospel

Acts 3:1–4:31

  • Peter and John preached about Jesus.
  • Peter and John were told not to talk about Jesus.
  • Praise God for allowing you to hear about salvation.
  • Share the good news about Jesus with others.