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Children's Ministry November 2020

November 2020


November 1

Jesus Commends the Centurion’s Faith

Matthew 8:5-13

  • The centurion was a powerful Roman soldier who asked Jesus to heal his servant
  • Jesus saw that the centurion had great faith
  • Believe that Christ has all authority and obey Him

November 8

Jesus Calms the Storm and Casts Out Demons

Matthew 8:23-24

  • Jesus has power over everything
  • The disciples did not have faith in Jesus’ power
  • The demons were afraid of Jesus
  • Praise Jesus for His power

November 15

Jesus Forgives Sin

Matthew 9:2-8

  • The paralytic’s friends had faith that Jesus could heal
  • Jesus’ ability to heal proved He could forgive because He is God
  • The people praised God after seeing Jesus’ miracle
  • Trust Jesus to forgive your sins

November 22

Jesus Has Power over Disease and Death

Matthew 9:18-26

  • Jesus healed the sick woman
  • Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter back to life
  • Jesus had compassion
  • Jairus and the woman had faith
  • Praise God because He has the power over every sickness and disease

November 29

Jesus Provides Rest

Matthew 11:20-30

  • Jesus is God
  • People saw Jesus do miracles
  • The people did not believe that Jesus is God
  • Jesus warned the people to repent