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Children's Ministry August 2019


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August 4

How We Got The Bible: God’s Word is Alive

Jeremiah 36:1-32

  • God’s Words are always alive, fresh, and powerful
  • Some people try to undermine the power of God’s Word
  • God speaks to us through the words in our Bible
  • Children should be grateful to be one of the people for whom God wrote His Word

August 11

How We Got The Bible: God’s Word is Eternal                    

Isaiah 6:1-13

  • God preserves His Word so that its message will never change
  • The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls shows that time will not change God’s Word because it is eternal 
  • Children should be amazed at how carefully God has preserved His Word

August 18

How We Got The Bible: The Bible Enters My Mind

1 Kings 3:2-28

  • God answered Solomon’s prayer for wisdom and understanding
  • When we read the Bible, God’s word reaches our minds
  • The Holy Spirit helps all of us understand God’s word
  • Parents help children to choose a time to read their Bible regularly

August 25

How We Got The Bible: The Bible Molds My Heart

Exodus 35:4-29; 36:3-7

  • Many people generously responded to Moses’ request to give for the building of the tabernacle
  • When we gladly obey God’s word it shapes our lives
  • A fleshly heart and a godly heart produce different kinds of fruit
  • We should ask God for a willing heart that produces the fruit of the Spirit



For the month of August children age 6 through 6th grade will remain in the service with their parents.