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Children's Ministry February 2018 Newsletter


Ministry Spotlight

Jennifer Nance - Children's Ministry Assistant

Sunday morning Training Hour has a team of volunteers who supports Children’s Ministry through a variety of activities during the Training Hour. This month we are pleased to introduce to you one of these faithful women, Jennifer Nance. 

Jennifer has served for ten years in women's and children's ministry here at FBC and over ten years at her previous church; she has really enjoyed the benefit of getting to know the next generation of those who will be sitting and serving next to her at church.  She says there is a relationship with the children, if only minor, that provides for a connection with these former little ones that otherwise wouldn't be there.  “I feel our responsibility as a community of believers at church is to invest in the young so that they will have a connection with the rest of the body when they are older.  I am thankful for the many adults who have spoken, and are speaking, into the lives of my children, and I hope to be that person for someone else's child.”  Jennifer became a Christian at AWANA in the third grade, and she feels there is such an influence for the Lord we can have with the young and she is thankful so many serve in these areas here at FBC.  

Nance Fam 2017Married for 24 years to Jack, her college sweetheart, the Lord has blessed them with four children: Tyler (21), Hannah (19), Ben (16), and Jacob (14).  As a family, they enjoy camping, especially at the beach, hiking and walking, and visiting family out of state.  She personally enjoys being able to pray with her sisters here at FBC as they encourage her in her journey in the various phases of life.  She loves the verse from Rev. 8:4 that states, "And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God out of the angel's hand." 




February 4

God floods the earth

Genesis 6:5-7:24

  • Mankind was very sinful before the flood so God judged the wrold with a worldwide flood
  • God graciously saved Noah and his family
  • You can obey and trust the Lord like Noah did

February 11

God preserves Noah

Genesis 8:1-9:17

  • God remembered Noah and caused the flood waters to recede
  • God promised to not judge the world with a flood again and gave the rainbow as a sign of His promise
  • You can trust God because He always does what He says 

February 18

God judges the nations at Babel

Genesis 11:1-9

  • All men spoke a common language at one time
  • Men planned to show off their own greatness by building a tower in Shinar
  • God confused their language at Babel to limit their sin
  • Don’t be proud like the people of Babel
  • You can be humble, obey the Lord, and worship Him

February 25

God makes a promise to Abram

Genesis 11:27-12:9

  • Abram worshiped idols before God called him
  • God promised Abram many descendents, a great land, and a great nation
  • God said that from Abram would come a blessing. That blessing would be Jesus Christ.
  • By trusting in Jesus as Lord and Savior, you can become part of the promise to Abram


 Kids for Christ

Children in 1st through 6th grade are dismissed prior to the sermon and will line up outside the worship center then walk to the Chapel. Mrs. Kathy Johnson will teach the children the weekly Bible lessons listed above.

Parents are to pick up their child in the Chapel after service ends.