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Children's Ministry November 2018 Newsletter

Ministry Spotlight

 Bryan and Stacy Shaw

Shaw Family 2018

Bryan and Stacy Shaw first attended FBC in June of 2011, and now they have the blessings of four beautiful children in their 9 years of marriage, Clarissa (7), Gabriel (5), Raymond (3) and Nathan (3). They both began serving in Children’s Ministry six years ago. Stacy has had a lot of experience working in Children's Ministry ranging from infants to young teens and now currently serves on the 2-year-old teacher rotation during the worship service. Bryan has been involved in youth ministry as well as worship leading, and currently serves as an AWANA leader where all four children are now enrolled, and is on the Kids for Christ leader rotation during the worship service.


Bryan has been an elementary school teacher for 15 years. Stacy has worked with young children Pre K- 8th grade. They met when she was transferred to his school site. She came into his class as a teacher's aide for a time and the rest is history. Currently Stacy is enjoying homeschooling their children. Since they became members they quickly got involved in several ministries including the Sunday Greeting Team, Children's Ministry and the Worship Team. They thank the Lord for FBC and the teaching that has grounded them in the Word. They are so grateful for a church body that not only takes the Scriptures seriously, but who also live it out in biblical, practical ways.


The Shaws enjoy doing many things as a family such as swimming, road trips, playing at the park, karaoke, gardening, taking walks, having play dates and enjoying the company of guests for dinner, with many FBC families who have been the recipients of the sociable Shaws' hospitality! For as long as they've been at FBC they have been involved in a small group; this year, they are leading a small group in the area of Spiritual Disciplines.

Children’s Library

Come visit our Children's Library and see what has been added to our collection!

New Books

Building on the RockThe Building on the Rock Series by Joel R. Beeke and Diana Kleyn
Genre: fictional devotional

Read to me: 7-9 year olds
Read myself: 8-12 year olds

There are lots of stories in each book with a strong gospel and biblical message.  Each book averaging 175 pages can be used as a child’s own personal devotional time or as part of family worship. Each story has at least one scripture reference, two prayer points, and a question and discussion section.



How God Used A Thunderstorm
Read about the thunderstorm, some hidden treasure and a Bible in a suitcase as well as many other stories about how we should live for God and read his word.


How God Stopped the Pirates
There are lots of stories in this book. Read about the pirates, a burglar and a Russian servant girl as well as many other stories about the amazing things that missionaries get up to as well as how God can change lives.

How God Used a Drought and an Umbrella
Read about the drought, the poor man who was made rich and the shepherd boy who lost his sheep. You will also read about people and lots of children who faithfully stood up for Jesus. 

How God Used a Snowdrift
Read about the snowdrift, a little slave girl and a fierce Lion. You will also read many other dramatic rescue stories as well as about how to honour God.

How God Sent a Dog to Save a Family
Find out who or what it is and discover how God has answered the families' prayers. Read other stories too about flying bread, Martha's Raven and the Stolen Sleigh. You will find out about how God cares for us and about how Children can believe in him.

New DVDs

Buddy Davis Amazing AdventuresBuddy Davis' Amazing Adventures
Ages: 5 and up
Publisher: Answers in Genesis
Digital discussion guide included with DVD!

Swamp Man!
Join adventurer Buddy Davis and discover amazing animals of the everglades! Kids will be spellbound as they learn about God's design in animals of the Florida swamp lands and everglades. Learning Creation truths have never been so much fun. 
Length: 45 minutes

I Dig Dinosaurs
Join adventurer Buddy Davis on an exciting dinosaur dig in the Badlands of Montana! This real-life dinosaur researcher inspires kids with his solid creation teaching and infectious passion for the gospel.
Length: 25 minutes

Extreme Caving
There’s an amazing world, underground! In Extreme Caving you’ll see incredible wonders of nature as Buddy Davis crawls, squeezes and climbs through mysterious underground passages and reveals clear evidence of Noah's Flood. 
Length: 58 minutes

Join Buddy Davis in this 4th episode of the “Amazing Adventures” DVD series as he treks through the wilderness of Alaska!
Length: 30 minutes

Ice Age
AN ICY ADVENTURE! Join explorer Buddy Davis as he hikes atop glaciers, kayaks among icebergs, and reveals amazing facts about animals that lived during the Ice Age. Fun new music and animation make this a DVD that children of all ages will love to watch again and again!  
Length: 25 minutes


November Bible Lessons



November 4

God Ordains the Tabernacle

Exodus 25:1-31:18

  • The Tabernacle was a special place for God to dwell
  • The Tabernacle shows that God is holy, yet merciful
  • God promised to dwell with men
  • You should recognize your sinful condition before God
  • Praise God that faith in Christ allows God’s Spirit to dwell in men
  • You are to worship God in an honoring way

November 11

God Punishes Israel's Idolatry

Exodus 32:1-35

  • Aaron made a golden calf for Israel to worship
  • God wanted to destroy the people
  • Moses prayed that God would have mercy
  • God had mercy on Israel and did not destroy the whole nation
  • You can thank God for specific acts of mercy in your life and praise God for the mercy found in Jesus Christ

November 18

God's Presence Fills the Tabernacle

Exodus 33:1-34:35, 40:1-38

  • God showed Moses that He was merciful, yet just
  • God did not kill all the people who rebelled against Him
  • God came to stay in the tabernacle in the form of a bright cloud
  • All Israel worshiped God for sending His presence
  • You should humbly ask God for mercy and turn from sin
  • You can joyfully praise God for sending His Son and the Holy Spirit

November 25

God Ordains the Sacrificial System

Leviticus 1:1-7:38

  • God’s holiness requires sacrifice for sin
  • Israelites offered goats, bulls, and grains as offerings
  • The offerings and sacrifices were considered worship to God
  • The worshiper was forgiven through faith in God’s promise of forgiveness
  • Christ was the perfect sacrifice for sin
  • You can trust Jesus to take your punishment


Kids for Christ

Children in 1st grade through 6th grade will be dismissed prior to the sermon on Sunday mornings and line up outside the Worship Center where the teacher will then walk them to the Chapel. Each week the Bible lessons listed above will be covered. Our November teachers are Mr. Shaw and Mrs. Wilson. 

Parents are to pick up their children promptly after service in the Chapel.