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Children's Ministry October 2018 Newsletter

Ministry Spotlight:

Ellyn Milosch

Milosch Ellyn 2018

We are pleased to introduce Ellyn Milosch as the 3 year old Training Hour teacher for 2018-2019. Many of you already know Ellyn who has been the substitute teacher this past year for the 3 year old class. When choosing a new teacher, we look for certain characteristics including a heart for God, a love for people, a passion for God’s Word, a commitment for personal growth and prayer, an ability to teach, and a dedication to serve wherever needed. Ellyn has these qualities and has what it takes to nurture the children and keep order in her class.

The second to the youngest of 7 children, Ellyn has attended Foothill Bible Church since she was 5 years old with her parents, Andy and Jill Milosch. While growing up here, she shares that she had the privilege to be taught by teachers who desired to see the next generation grow in Christ. She has served with the 2 and 3 year old children as well as with our special needs children over the last 10 years.  “I love developing relationships with the children and seeing them grow in understanding of who God is,” she said. “Working with the children and learning to bring the truths of the Scripture down to their level and hearing their input reminds me to have childlike faith.”

Currently Ellyn is in her last semester at Chaffey College and pursuing a degree in Kinesiology with the end goal of coaching basketball. In the mean time she is working at Chick-fil-A in Rancho Cucamonga staying busy and serving people which she loves doing.


 2018 10 EX 19:5

October 7

God Parts the Red Sea

Exodus 13:17-15:21

  • God led Israel to the Red Sea, then parted the Red Sea so the Israelites could escape
  • God wanted Israel to trust and praise His power
  • Israel worshiped God for delivering them
  • You can trust God’s love for you 

October 14

God Preserves Israel

Exodus 15:22-17:7

  • God tested Israel to see if they would trust Him
  • Israel grumbled and complained to God and Moses
  • God was patient and miraculously provided food and water in the wilderness
  • You can trust God that His Word is good and confess your need for God’s mercy through Jesus Christ

October 21

God Prepares Israel for the Covenant

Exodus 19:1-25

  • God promised to make Israel His treasure and make them holy
  • Israel promised to obey God’s Word
  • Israel prepared their hearts for God’s coming presence
  • God revealed His presence in a very powerful way
  • You can obey God’s Word with all your heart

October 28

God Gives the Ten Commandments

Exodus  20:1-17

  • God is holy
  • God gave His people laws called the Ten Commandments
  • The Ten Commandments help God’s people be set apart from sin and live holy lives
  • If you have confessed to God that you are a sinner and believe that Jesus took your place on the cross for the punishment of your sin, then you should obey God and live a holy life

Kids for Christ

Children’s Church meets during the sermon portion of our worship service for the 1st through 6th grade students in the Chapel. October’s teacher is Mrs. Kathy Johnson.

The children will review the weekly Bible lessons from the book of Exodus as well as participate in Bible drills and group prayer.