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One-to-One Bible Reading

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What’s It All About? It’s summer! We are taking a break from Sunday school from June - August. We encourage everyone to take this time to find someone here, (or at work or your neighborhood) to get together and read the Bible. You’ve already taken the first step by picking up this packet. Recommended help to get started: -Attached you will find an article on how and why to do One-to-One Bible Reading by Colin Marshall (author of Trellis and the Vine). -Pastor David’s book review from October 2012 on David Helm’s Book (pictured above- this book is also available in our FBC library) -A helpful resource from Mathias Media is their ‘Personal Bible Reading’ series ( which are a series of inexpensive booklets that divide portions of the Bible by sections, by book (20 volumes to choose from) with questions for each section of scripture to foster discussion and prayer. If you have someone in mind, don’t wait! Sunday school hour would be a great time to get together. The upper campus, including the Fountain Café, classrooms and West Chapel will be open Sunday mornings at 8:30am. Coffee will be available. If you would like to participate and either: a) don’t have anyone to read with, or b) are willing to read with someone, please let us know at the Connection Corner on Sunday or call/email the church office and we will try to find someone to pair you up with!